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Darkke Thoughts

"A thousand words to paint a picture you can not see anywhere but the mind."

20 October 1974

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

Perhaps so, though depending on the words, and the skill of the writer, a thousand words can paint a picture in the reader's mind that can not be captured on canvas with brush and paint. I myself can not do any such thing with paint, pencil, or charcoal, but give me a word processor and an idea, and can create such lovely visions to be enjoyed by any who would read them.

About The Journal Name

Well, this is technically my third journal, though I some time ago stopped updating/using the other two. Started this one, and of course, by now, all the witty and good names are taken. But it does have meaning, and more than likely it isn't what you are thinking.

It's basically a play on 'Dark Thoughts.' No, not depressing, suicidal thinking. But those that are a bit outside of conventional thinking. I of course spelled dark differently, given that a.) I'm Goth, b.) I do things differently, c.) it's from my main online identity, and d.) it’s my journal, and I can do what I want with it. Don't like it? Too bad, I didn't do it for you, did I?

About The Journal's Contents

For the most part, will likely just have random thoughts, bit's of things I find amusing or interesting (at least for the moment), and bits of my writing. Of course, a lot of what I write will be restricted, given its contents. Sorry, but I can not go contributing to the delinquency of minors.

So, anyone wishing to view and read such entries will have to be of age, and properly cleared. That means you more than likely will have to be friended, as the only way I can properly keep the entries from being read by anyone is to restrict entry to them.

”How do I go about that?” you ask? Simple, really. Make certain that your age is clearly stated on profile, and ask. Though, I don’t just give access that easily. And while having common interests is a good thing, that doesn't mean anything. Just because we like the same music or enjoy the same books DOES NOT automatically mean that we will get along. Besides, I like variety. If I wanted someone like me, I would talk to myself. I don’t friend people I don’t know, so you will have to get to know me first. It’s quite easy to do so, given that my contact information is quite readily available, either IM or e-mail. There will be other entries that will not be restricted in which you can also learn more about me. I know it might seem like a hassle, but I just want to make certain that the person is actually as old as they claim, which shows in mannerisms. You might just want to turn around and head in another direction if you just want to read smut. Sorry, don’t do that, I write erotica. There is a difference, and if you don’t know what it is, then you won’t be finding out from my stories.

”I’m in, now what?” Enjoy what you read. I’m not a comment whore, so won’t be upset if you don’t comment on every little post I write. I don’t mind. However, if you happen to like one of my stories, please do take a few seconds out of your time to let me know. It’s not that much to ask, doesn’t take that long, and is an incredible boost. Let’s me know that my craft is appreciated. Of course, should you find something wrong with it, do feel free to let me know as well. I know that sometimes something slips through all the edits and changes, and the occasional mistake happens. It also lets me know it there’s an area that I need to concentrate on improving.

About The Writer

That would be me. Who am I? Well, you may call me D. Stryfe, though that isn’t my real name. Chances are you won’t find out my real name. But that is my pen name, and will suffice. As stated above, I am an avid reader and writer, and I also enjoy photography. Taking photos, as I am much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it.

I’m also Goth, as previously stated, though don’t dress in outlandish, though fashionable, clothing given work. Not quite the appropriate attire for an office manager and web programmer, though thankfully, they don’t complain about the nail polish. Eye liner is just a little too much for that, though I do wear it on the occasional night that I go out on the town. I say occasional, given that in person I’m not a social being, (bit ironic, since I spend my days on the phone talking to people,) and am only truly myself within the confines of cyberspace.

I am very much an avid music lover, and enjoy quite the variety of styles of musical genres. I’m currently re-building my musical library for the umpteenth time, and currently have around 40 Gigs, which has a little of everything. (Even some country, which I am not a huge fan of, but grew up listening to it, thanks to my parents having no other tastes.)

Besides writing, I also enjoy reading, and my favorite series are Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. While I have seen the movies, I prefer the books, given there is much more depth of the story that can not be transferred to the film versions. Of course, I enjoy other books as well, but those are my favorites. I also enjoy reading fan fiction, and often beta read/edit stories when I can.

Final Words

  • I don’t discriminate against sex, sexuality, race, color, creed, religion, fandom, psychosis, or anything like that.

  • Be intelligent and personable.

  • That means DoN’T tYpE LyK dIs. It’s annoying and immature; and I don't have that much Excedrine. And 733t? Isn’t.

  • No drama. If I wanted that, I’d watch soaps, and I don’t watch tv.

  • Try me. You might be surprised.

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